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Non Veg and Veg Jokes

Non veg jokes, masti jokes, funny chutkule and veg jokes in hindi

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Forgetting what is our own, while trying to gain what is others

पोस्टेड ओन: 29 Mar, 2012 जनरल डब्बा में

It gave me immense pleasure to hear that Sanskrit will become ‘THE LANGUAGE’ for NASA.Technical reason being that shorest messages can be passed in this language.Whatever reason might be but Americans did it again,to understand,follow,appreciate and use WHAT IS OUR OWN.Are they at fault to desire over 100 Sanskrit scholars in NASA.And the answer is simple ,‘NO’.This takes me back to my school days and makes me angry only on myself.Why?…..because I was in that lot.The ones who marketed this immense Historical language as Falam..faley..falaani…….sanskrit kabhi na aani.What is more disgusting that the tradition passed and in an even worse way.The language has been sidelined from our curriculum and this behaviour can be commonly seen in our schools.Just an example where Government can be blamed a little  and instead the Generation X,Y etc. They have completely lost it WHILE TRYING TO GAIN WHAT IS OTHERS.Guys and Gals commonly wearing  Blue J which product from the foreign companies have none of their concerns about the country.Indian flag would be the DP on Facebook(another American website) for 15th August and 26th October but none will consider it as a festival.The very sense of respect for the History and culture has lost its way.Visiting Ramlila Grounds or Abusing the corrupt is not the only option Blaming the politicians and beauracrats is too easy,when we cannot do a thing about it.Living in a nuclear family is no fashion. We just have to get up and remove dust from our clothes.There is no magic in it my dear friend just hold on to WHAT IS YOUR OWN and you will be on the right path.

Tags: sachin tendulkar  

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