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Non Veg and Veg Jokes

Non veg jokes, masti jokes, funny chutkule and veg jokes in hindi

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Investment in technology: key to growth & development

पोस्टेड ओन: 8 Jul, 2012 जनरल डब्बा में

It is really amazing to observe that how many countries of Europe like Germany, Holland, Sweden and Denmark could develop their economies, provide all welfare facilities to their citizens & have great standard of living without any cheap labor or natural resources at their disposal. Not only these countries but few Asian countries like Japan & China have done very well despite of numerous obstacles in their path of growth & industrialization. Some of these countries may be blessed with good natural resources but than so many other countries are also having strong base of mineral wealth, still they are underdeveloped & poor. There has to be some reason for lack of development in countries with plenty of natural resources but poor overall growth rate & countries with no cheap labor & no resources base but still they are rich and developed. The answer is simple; these developed countries have overcome all handicaps on their road to growth & success by investing heavily in technology. Countries like Germany & Japan deserve to be applauded for their rapid industrialization & growth story after suffering major defeat in World War 2. Over half of West Germany’s industrial capacity was destroyed during World War 2, and a further 5 % was taken from existing capital and foreign assets as a part of war payments. However, their rich investment in technology gave them handsome dividends & the country reached economic stability & full employment in 1950s. Due to technological boost its industrial production rose by 130 % in 1950s barely few years after the Great War which had completely destroyed some major portion of the country due to allied bombing. Today, German automobile industry is the biggest in Europe. Similarly, Japan was a broken nation after World War 2 but still on account of its pioneering the concept of systematic long term technological vision, it has become one of the best economies in the world. The same is the case of countries like Sweden, Denmark and Holland. These countries have made rapid industrial progress due to sheer technical advancement. Their technical growth covered all aspects of public welfare  by improving important areas like agriculture ,infrastructure, water harvesting, traffic management, education,energy & ocean development technology .Their modern techniques have made these countries major trading hubs in the business world. Despite of being a communist nation, China has outshined so many capitalist countries economically by their massive investment in technology. The Chinese worked on their technical growth & exploited modern technology to upgrade their nation’s economic & military strength. Their technical gains improved their agricultural & industrial output. Today all the major companies of the world have their manufacturing base in China. It is no wonder that China is called ‘the factory’ of the world. In India, despite of all the economic success, the technological growth story is very lackluster. To say that all efforts in the direction of technical advancement are half baked efforts would be making an understatement. Few government agencies like ISRO & DRDO are dedicated to research & development programs in the field of space & defense & they have done reasonably good job also but still that is not enough . Our indigenous defense production is barely thirty percent & for remaining seventy percent we are dependent on external market. If we have to take care of our defense, agricultural, health care & commercial needs in long term & minimize our dependence on external factors than we should modify certain technical aspects of our industry.  It will require an active participation of various government agencies (dedicated to R & D), scientific community & policy makers to work together to absorb superior imported technology in our systems and make indigenous improvement in them.  Today a major part of our technology is spent in coping with the burden of past problems rather than making our self a technological giant , if we are able to change this through systematic technical up gradation , than only we can genuinely become economic superpower.

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